Any dog can do it! From puppies to seniors, this is one activity where the type of dog really doesn’t matter.  They can be any age, any breed, even any size.

What matters is making the dog’s first experience with the board a positive one. We start slowly on land, ensuring that your dog knows the basic commands — “sit,” “stay” and “down” — before you go on the water. You don’t want the dog to be afraid of the board or the water, and you need a way to [keep] him from just jumping off the board whenever he wants.

When we get to the water we start on quiet lake, as it can be tricky to maintain your balance in waves, which makes it scarier for your dog. Outfitting your dog in a life vest will help your peace of mind if he accidentally falls off, as well as give you a handle to lift him back on the board.

No prior SUP experience is needed and you your pup will likely be up and paddling within the one-hour private lesson.

Please contact me to set up a lesson.

Published by Jan Shannon

Certified Dog Trainer

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