Hello and thank you for your interest. My name is Jan Shannon and I am a professional dog trainer certified by Absolute Dogs (PDT), Karen Pryor Academy (KPA CTP), Animal Behavior College (ABCDT), Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA). I specialize in puppy socialization/development, and foundation skills. My goal is help you build your team (your dog and you) relationship with the best start possible, focusing on positive reinforcement and thorough client education.

I am also a Canine Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) certified by National Association Of Canine Scent Work® I teach all levels of scent work for both the sport minded teams and the owners who want to use scent work as an added enrichment for their dogs.

How I Teach

I use compassionate, positive reinforcement methods from your dog’s point of view and have worked with many breeds but each dog is unique. Through nature and nurture they each come into their own learning style and personality. I get to know each dog I work with on an individual basis to learn what motivates your dog and how your dog communicates and interacts with you.

All of my classes and training are games based. They are fun and engaging for both you and your dog. These games teach your dog important concepts of engaging, listening, focusing and build a high desire to be close to you.

My Training Philosophy

My overall philosophy around canine education is to strengthen the bond between you and your dog which is exactly what games focus training is all about. I follow the Humane Hierarchy as introduced by Dr. Susan Friedman, in her paper, “What’s Wrong with This Picture? Effectiveness Is Not Enough.” Published in the Journal of Applied Companion Animal Behavior in 2009. I also believe and follow LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) as defined by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).

Whether you decide to work with me or someone else be sure to ask these 3 questions (taken from John McGuigan, dog behavior consultant, quoted from “Truth In Advertising.” Published in Bark Issue 87, Fall 2016):

  1. What will happen to my dog if she gets it right? My answer: praise, play or treat, depending on your dog’s motivation.
  2. What will happen to my dog if she gets it wrong? My answer: I change the environment. A dog doesn’t learn by punishment. If I ask a dog to sit and the dog stands, I look at everything that is happening in the environment before the behavior and after the behavior that could be affecting the action the dog takes when asked to sit. It’s possible the dog doesn’t understand the word, so I would teach the word, the dog may have pain, so I would address that, etc.
  3. Are there less invasive alternatives to what you propose? My answer: I do my very best to assess your dog to be sure your dog never experiences any stress, fear or pain while learning.

My Commitment

I’m committed and focused to my own development as a trainer through continuing education, research and staying current with the latest canine studies.

Education & Certification

National Association Of Canine Scent Work®
Canine Nose Work Instructor
Completed Certification Program for Instructors
June 2022

Absolute Dogs
Pro Dog Trainer and Affiliate
Completed 10 week course for certification in games and concept based training
Nov 2021

American Kennel Club
Certification in AKC Fit Dog Instructor Level 1
Completed 6 hour course for AKC Evaluators to learn and teach a Basic canine fitness class.
July 2020

International Association Of Animal Behavior Consultants
Certification in The Fear Free Animal Trainer
Emphasis in giving choice, force, stress and fear free training protocols for husbandry and veterinarian visits and procedures.
February 2019

Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior
Certification in Dog Trainer Professional
Emphasis on training, teaching and knowledge in dog education
April 2018

Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA)
Passed independent certification exam
September 2016

Animal Behavior College, Santa Clarita, CA
Certification in Dog Training (ABCDT)
December 2015

Continuing Education

ClickerExpo, Portland, Oregon
Three days of lectures and labs with top trainers and behavior professionals
Certificate of Completion
January 2019

Ready…set for groomer and vet
2 hour webinar teaching training methods for fear free pet husbandry
Laura Monaco Torelli
Continuing Education Units
November 2018

“But my dog isn’t food-motivated.”
2 hour webinar discussing methods of food motivation and how to motivate eating
Kathy Sdao, Associate CAAB
Continuing Education Units
November 2018

Do you really know dogs? Recent research results in dog science
2 hour webinar discussing recent canine studies
Daniela Zurr, DVM
Continuing Education Units
October 2018

ClickerExpo, Irvine, California
Three days of lectures and labs with top trainers and behavior professionals
Certificate of Completion
January 2018

Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior
Shelter Training and Enrichment
Certificate of Completion
March 2017

ClickerExpo, Portland, Oregon
Three days of lectures and labs with top trainers and behavior professionals
Certificate of Completion
January 2017

Puppy Culture
Five hour course in early neurological stimulation, aggression prevention, potty training and leash walking
Jane Killion
Continuing Education Units
January 2017

Living & Learning With Animals: The Fundamental Principles and
Procedures of Teaching and Learning

Eight-week course in applied behavior analysis for animal professionals
Dr. Susan Friedman, Utah State University
Certificate of Completion
October 2016

Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior
Puppy Start Right for Instructors
Certificate of Completion
September 2016

Dr Ian Dunbar Academy
Reliability and Games Workshop
Certificate of Completion
July 2016

Duke University on Coursera
Certification in Dog Emotion and Cognition
November 2015


Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
Premium Member

Association Of Professional Dog Trainers
Professional Premium Member

What Students And Clients Say

Jan is patient, supportive and positive with both dogs and their owners. Cara is more confident thanks to Jan’s great classes. Jan can read dogs very well and helps owners understand and meet their dog’s needs. We highly recommend Jan’s classes.

Charlene and Quinn

Modern K9 Training is the BEST!! Kingston loves miss Jan and looks forward to seeing her every week and I adore her demeanor and teaching style. We just graduated our second session “foundations” today. Learned so much and look forward to going through all series with Jan.


Jan’s puppy class was so helpful in setting a great, positive tone for my relationship with my new puppy, establishing essential core behavioral guidance for my puppy, and boosting both my and my puppy’s confidence as we embarked on learning how to communicate with one another. It offered very achievable goals and provided us with essential, fun exercises that we continue to practice together. I highly recommend the class to anyone with a new puppy!


Have more fun with your dog!

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