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Due to COVID-19, all in person classes and private sessions are on hold.

Good news to all my dog loving friends! We may not be able to meet in person right now but I have other options for you.

  • Virtual Private Sessions – Via Google Meet, you and I talk about any issues or training concepts that you like. After our call, I send you a summary email that may include written instructions and/or demo videos. Service includes 45 minutes live chat and customized training summary email with written instructions and/or videos. $75 Contact me for next available.
  • Puppy Class 4-Week Online Class – Via Facebook private group. Once a week we meet as a class virtually through FB private chat room. This class is built on module learning so you can start anytime. Each module is taught as an independent collection of exercises and behavior training so no need to attend the prior week’s class to understand the material each week. Demo videos, written instruction and an optional book (recommended) are the materials you’ll use in the class. In addition to the once a week meeting, students may post any questions or videos for review and comment while waiting for the next live class.Cost is $150.00. Start anytime. Signup here.
  • Scent Work Intro – Wondering about scent work? This is the perfect place to start. In this 4-week class over Facebook, you will have access to written instructions and video demos. You are invited to post your video recorded practice to the group for review and feedback from me. Cost $25 Next class starts July 15, new instructions will be posted once a week on Wednesdays for 4 weeks. Sign up here.
  • Scent Work Elements 6-Week Class – Via a private Facebook group, students will review written and video demos, post their own videos of exercises for review and feedback and meet once a week with the other students and myself in a live class via private chat room. During the chat room, I will give instructions for the next week’s exercises, generally 2 – 4 different types of searches. And there is time for student questions. This is a perfect class for those that have been through my intro class or have a little experience with scent work (aka nose work). Cost is $150. Please contact me for next available.
  • Scent Work Elements 4-Week Class – Similar to the 6-week class but only one exercise per week, all instructions are given via video demos posted to the group and students are invited to post their practice videos for review. This class does not have a live meeting. Cost $25 Please contact me for next available.

Behavior is just too complex for simplistic cookbook approaches to mentoring our birds [dogs/animal ccompanions] where we look up problem behaviors in a table of contents and follow behavioral recipes.

Each situation is unique and requires careful analysis and informed consideration.

Dr. Susan Friedman