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Games Based Training

Isn’t it more fun to learn something new through playing a game? Your dog thinks so too!

This is what concept building games based training is all about. Playing games with your dog to build the concepts that help them make better choices. Each game is designed to grow certain concepts/skills in our dogs. Some games grow confidence, attention, focus or impulse control and others teach our dogs that being close to us on a walk is more fun than chasing a squirrel.

Training Options

Group class or private Zoom sessions, you decide!


The best part of training is the fun you and your dog will have.

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Upcoming ClassesDateStatus
Puppy FundamentalsTBD
Puppy Foundation2/26/22Open
Life Skills2/26/22Open
Intro To Nose Work1/28/22Closed
Nose Work Exteriors3/11/22Closed