Special Virtual Private Sessions

Take advantage of the early bird pricing until June!


Due to COVID-19, all in person classes and private sessions are on hold.

Good news to all my dog loving friends! We may not be able to meet in person right now but I have other options for you.

  • Virtual Private Sessions – Via Zoom or Google Meet, you and I talk about any issues or training concepts that you’d like some help. After our call, I send you a summary email that may include written instructions and demo videos. $60.00 for 1 hour which includes 45 minutes face to face and 15 minutes to customize training summary email.
  • Scent Work 4 Week Online Class – Via Facebook private group. After you join the private group, once a week, I will post instruction videos for the upcoming week’s practice. At the end of the week, we all meet via video conference to discuss last weeks homework and cover questions. This is a perfect class for those that are brand new to scent work (aka nose work) or are at novice to advanced level. Cost is $25 for the full 4 weeks.
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Behavior is just too complex for simplistic cookbook approaches to mentoring our birds [dogs/animal ccompanions] where we look up problem behaviors in a table of contents and follow behavioral recipes.

Each situation is unique and requires careful analysis and informed consideration.

Dr. Susan Friedman