Joana Matthias

Thanks Jan for your facilitation of harmonious canine to human communications

Charlene Ray and Quinn Fitzpatrick

We wish we would have found Jan years ago when we were training our other dog. She is patient, supportive and positive with both dogs and their owners. Cara is more confident thanks to Jan’s great classes. Jan can read dogs very well and helps owners understand and meet their dog’s needs. We highly recommend Jan’s classes.

Jamee Pitts

Modern K9 Training is the BEST!! Kingston loves miss Jan and looks forward to seeing her every week and I adore her demeanor and teaching style. We just graduated our second session “foundations” today. Learned so much and look forward to going through all series with Jan.

Erika Goldstein

The Modern K9 Training Puppy Class was great! Jan channels the puppies and really helped us understand how they see things; and we try to channel Jan.

Jocelyn Young

We have a very lively and energetic 11 month old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy named Reyna.  The vet calls her the “wild child”.  Recently a friend complimented us on what a good job we have done training her.  My first thought was that we would not have made it this far without Jan and her puppy classes.  We have had Berners before, and had trained them, but Reyna is so lively and smart that we needed professional help. We are grateful to have Jan on the Island.  We agree with her humane and fun training methods, and she has offered many suggestions for working with Reyna that have been very helpful.  We highly recommend Modern K-9 training.

Jordan Jones

I can’t recommend Jan and Modern K9 Training highly enough! I am having so much fun bonding and learning how to communicate better with my new adult dog at class. I love Jan’s positive reinforcement training style, as it aligns perfectly with how I want my relationship with my dog to be based on. Jan is a fabulous trainer and teacher. She gives each person and dog individual attention in the classroom, and tailors the tasks in class to each individual if needed. She is also easily available to her students outside of class time, it is wonderful to be able to ask a question about the homework or any other issues that pop up. I am so thankful to have found Modern K9 Training- my only regret is not coming in sooner and taking classes with past dogs of mine, training really is fun for everyone and every dog!

Colleen Maschmedt

I am now convinced dog training is for the owner. Jan is very encouraging and kind and she has taught me how to communicate with my precious Yona. I am so grateful

Deborah Smith

Jan helps you train your dog using positive, fun-filled methods based on the latest science. She’s also flexible and creative and adapts her suggestions to meet the particular needs of each dog and human client.

Jo Anne Peyton

Modern K9 Training is a wonderful place to shape your puppy into a wonderful companion. I’ve been to dog training before, this will take you to a new level. So grateful to have this quality available to us on the island.

Lyn Kiernan

Fun Fun Fun! Have throughly enjoyed the couple different classes from Jan. She is a patient, fun trainer with a great sense of humor. We have had great results with both our dogs in different activities. Besides doing puppy training and obedience Jan is offering classes such as Tricks and Rally Free. Training is happening even in these fun classes which is what I like.