Puppy Socialization Class

Congratulations on your new puppy! Don’t wait to get your puppy started on the right paw. Socialization is of key importance to young developing minds. This class is appropriate for all puppies aged 8 weeks to 6 months at start of class.

This class will cover the three main areas of raising a puppy: socialization (including play), problem prevention and early solutions, and basic foundational obedience.


  • Open enrollment: new puppies between the age of 8 and 14 weeks can start anytime, no waiting. So you don’t miss out on crucial socialization time.
  • Socialization: Teaches how to introduce your puppy to people, places, things, noises, sights, tactile stimulation in a positive way to build confidence, friendly and emotionally stable puppies.
  • Behaviors Covered: sit |down |settle |come |leave it |loose-leash walking |free/force free husbandry – brushing, nails, taking pills, ear cleaning, etc. |resource guarding
  • Training concepts: Basic learning theory | life rewards | luring | shaping | targeting |timing | criteria | proofing / handling distraction | getting and keeping focus | rate of reinforcement
  • Prevention topics: House-training | crate training |anti-jumping | bite inhibition | handling | food guarding

What you need to know:

Age Range: Puppies from 8 – 14 weeks

Vaccination Requirement: Proof of vaccination is required before beginning classes.

Cost: $195.00

Sessions: 6

Class Length: 1 hour

Refund Policy: One of my primary goals is to keep classes on the small size to foster group dynamics and to assure everyone gets personal attention. Due to the small size, I don’t have any financial buffer and therefore are not able to refund or offer any make-up classes. Please let me know fi you are unable to commit to class schedule and I’d be happy to work with you for another solutions. I appreciate your consideration.

Registration: Contact me

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