Scent Work Foundation


Scent Work has the same goal as Nosework (a fun sport where dogs search for essential oil). I don’t use the title Nosework because it is defined by the NACSW as a very specific formatted method of teaching a dog how to find odor. Since this class doesn’t follow that method, I use the generic title Scent Work. The primary difference between Nosework and Scent Work (for my class) is the way it is taught. In this class there is more active training between you and your dog. I’ve found dogs learn faster with this method and are able to give a very solid, distinctive indication when odor is found.  It’s a sport for ALL dogs and super ideal for dogs needing more confidence, injured dogs, senior dogs, young dogs with energy that need a job, etc.

The method we will be using to teach dogs to find odor is through the use of classical conditioning (odor is paired with food right away), use of clicker training and back chaining; dog searches for odor and then freezes or hovers (or other taught behavior) when odor is found.

The traditional method, trademarked by NACSW and titled Nosework teaches the dog to hunt for food first (for an extended period of time) and then the odor is paired with food, and then the food is removed. The fundamental issue with this method is that eventually food is used as a distraction and causes unnecessary confusion for the dog later on.

Scent Work is not interested in teaching the dog to search for food. We want the dog to understand the value of odor, and to stay at source regardless of distractions (food, etc). The dog learns quickly that reinforcement happens when staying at source, which builds drive to search/hunt for odor!

What you need to know

Age Range: 4 month on up

Vaccination Requirement: Proof of vaccination is required before beginning classes.

Cost: $235.00 – includes odor kit

Sessions: 6

Class Length: 1 hour

Refund Policy: One of my primary goals is to keep classes on the small size to foster group dynamics and to assure everyone gets personal attention. Due to the small size, I don’t have any financial buffer and therefore are not able to refund or offer any make-up classes. Please let me know fi you are unable to commit to class schedule and I’d be happy to work with you for another solutions. I appreciate your consideration.

Next Class Starts: contact me to get schedule information