Rally, also known as Rally Obedience, AKA Rally-O, is a team sport (you and your dog) in which you and your dog negotiate a course made up of a number of stations. At each station there’s a sign with a behaviour written on it. You read the sign and ask your dog to do the behaviour, then move on with your dog heeling to the next sign.

Rally emphasizes the positive interaction and close bond between handler and dog.

Here is a link to the AKC site explaining more about Rally

This is fun course with primary focus on building teamwork with your dog. You can use this course to prepare you and your dog to compete or you can simply enjoy learning and doing a new sport with your dog and never compete.

What you need to know

Age Range: From 4 months on up

Vaccination Requirement: Proof of vaccination is required before beginning classes.

Cost: $195.00

Sessions: 6

Class Length: 1 hour

Refund Policy: One of my primary goals is to keep classes on the small size to foster group dynamics and to assure everyone gets personal attention. Due to the small size, I don’t have any financial buffer and therefore are not able to refund or offer any make-up classes. Please let me know fi you are unable to commit to class schedule and I’d be happy to work with you for another solutions. I appreciate your consideration.

Next Class Starts: contact me for class schedule