Calmness Strategy

Why can’t my dog calm down? I take them on long hikes and runs on the beach and then at home, after a short nap, they’re up again pinging around the house. Dogs, unfortunately, aren’t automatically calm, they don’t come out of the box that way. They need to be taught this just like anyContinue reading “Calmness Strategy”

Modern Dog Class

Introducing a brand new class to build your relationship with your dog through playing games. Often times our dogs are so attracted to things in the environment: squirrels, cars, children, bikes, and dogs just to name a few, they find it hard to pay attention to us. These environmental enrichments prove to be way moreContinue reading “Modern Dog Class”

Why Scent Work?

There are so many good reasons to do scent work (often referred to as nose work) with your dog, it’s hard for me to pick just a few but I’ll try. I’ve only done a few sports other than scent work with my dogs. We participated in agility, rally, parkour and tricks. But there isContinue reading “Why Scent Work?”


We don’t often think about the backup behavior when teaching our dogs the basics. However, backup can come in very handy, basically anytime you need your dog to get out of the way. For instance if they are crowding the door, you can ask them to back up, If you are coming into the yardContinue reading “Backup”


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