Do you want a dog that is easier to live with? Learn how to help your dog get it right. This class works with those everyday manners, making it easy and fun to have Fido with you.

  • At home: having guests over, reading email or prepping dinner, relaxing.
  • Out and about: taking a walk, visiting the park, running errands.


This course is designed so that you and your dogs learn both “foundation skills” and “behaviors.”

A foundation skill is a skill that you and your dog will learn in order to enable a lifetime of successful learning. There are ten foundation skills in this curriculum; 5 for you and 5 for your dog.

A behavior is a specific action that is eventually put on cue, such as sitting politely for petting, walking nicely on the leash, settling, coming when called and so on. There are ten groups of behaviors in this course and each one has multiple levels of complexity, or “finish.”

We all want our dogs to learn certain behaviors, but what’s more important is that they learn how to learn. Once you and your dog have mastered the foundation skills from this course, you and your dog will be able to teach/learn new behaviors to handle most any situation you encounter.

Skills For Dogs

  • Give Attention – Your dog will begin to look at you much more often, in anticipation of new learning and working with you
  • Offer behavior – Your dog will offer good behaviors without you asking and will learn how to try new things as you teach new behaviors
  • Respond to a cue – When and how to perform
  • Targeting – Learning to follow and touch targets opens the door your dog to learn basic behaviors like sit to weaving through your legs.
  • Self-Control – How to wait and listen to you

Skills For You

  • Clicker mechanics – when and how to tell your dog, “that’s it!”
  • Using reinforcement instead of correction – Studies have shown that click and treat speeds training, comprehension and strengthens longevity in behavior memory.
  • Shaping – a fun way to teach your dog any new behavior
  • Cueing – when, where and how to place your cue to be the most effective.
  • Observation – You will learn how to have “new eyes” when it comes to your dog.

Behavior Groups

  • Capturing and shaping
  • Down
  • Leave It/ Take It
  • Name Game
  • Polite Walking
  • Recall
  • Settle
  • Sit
  • Targeting
  • Wait

What you need to know

Age Range: 4 months on up

Vaccination Requirement: Proof of vaccination is required before beginning classes.

Cost: $195.00

Sessions: 5

Class Length: 1 hour

Refund Policy: One of my primary goals is to keep classes on the small size to foster group dynamics and to assure everyone gets personal attention. Due to the small size, I don’t have any financial buffer and therefore are not able to refund or offer any make-up classes. Please let me know fi you are unable to commit to class schedule and I’d be happy to work with you for another solutions. I appreciate your consideration.

Next Class Starts: Modular format, start anytime. Please contact me for available slots

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