Cheese Ball Recalls

This is a fun game to encourage responsive and fast recalls.

  1. Get some cheese balls or other treat that is easy to see and throw.
  2. Show your dog the cheese ball/treat and toss it away from you. Make sure they see it so they will chase after it.
  3. While your dog is eating the cheese ball, move away quickly while keeping an eye on your dog. Your dog will be attracted to you because you are moving/running and they will start moving towards you. Click as soon as they move in your direction and give them a cheese ball out of your hand as soon as they reach you.
  4. Throw another cheese ball away from you and start over.
  5. You’ll start with first clicking any motion towards you, then gradually start clicking your dog for being closer and closer to you, until you are clicking only when they actually reach you.
  6. Add the cue. As your dog is almost right in front of you say their name or your recall word, click and treat from your hand with the dog in front of you.

Published by Jan Shannon

Certified Dog Trainer

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