I like to start this simply by using the name game. Then progressing to distance.

  1. Stand in from of your dog, with a handful of treats
  2. Say your dog’s name, click and pop a treat in their mouth.
  3. do this 10 times and take a rest.
  4. Do this exercise a few times throughout the week.
  5. Next have your dog in front of you, take a step away, say your dog’s name, when they approach you, click and treat.
  6. start moving farther away, say their name and click and treat once they are in front of you.
  7. Wait until they are in another room, say their name as soon as the arrive in front of you, click and treat.
  8. Start the whole thing over again outside. First keep your dog close by standing on a leash, say their name, click and treat. Then move away-dog’s name-click and treat. Then get farther away.
  9. Try hiding behind a tree or bush or other object and calling your dog’s name. Make sure you are in a safe area to do this.
  10. Have someone join you, they call your dog, click and treat upon arrival then you call your dog. Then each of you take a step back and do it again.

Published by Jan Shannon

Certified Dog Trainer

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