SW 2 – 5-4 Vehicle Search, Known Vehicle, Easy Novel Environment

Now we are going to take it on the road and work in a novel environment!

Find a quiet location in a new area to practice your single vehicle search. Use a known vehicle, usually the same one you introduced your dog on.

Make sure you are giving your dog something much easier than you’ve done at home. It can be helpful to bring cones or something for you to identify the start line. There are no boundary markers for vehicle search areas.


  1. Bring warmup boxes – 2 cold, 1 “cooked” hot. Plan ahead and prepare your hot box about an hour before training. This way you’ll have a nice hour+ aged hot box for warmup.
  2. Select a quiet, novel location and use the same or similiar vehicle from the one you intro’d your dog on (van, sedan, etc).
  3. Place the hide on the vehicle starting with a much easier location used in earlier steps.
  4. Setup a start line for your vehicle – using tape or pylons – about 10-15 feet from the vehicle.
  5. Allowing your hide to age a little, setup your warmup boxes away from the vehicle so that there is no chance of converging odor or your dog picking up odor from the vehicle.
  6. Take your dog to the warmup boxes and have them search the boxes. Reward generously, using this opportunity to open your ORT box, if you are using a tin verses taped qtips, to feed more closely to source.
  7. Then take your dog over to your vehicle start line, practicing a nice 10s wait before cueing your dog to search. Let your dog lead out ahead of you before following, and give them plenty of room!
  8. Move the hide to a few more locations on the vehicle, progressing to some of the more challenging locations.

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