SW 2 – 5-3 Vehicle Hide Placements With Straws And Tubes

Once your dog is searching well with the small tins on your vehicle, you can practice using straws/tubes to hold the qtips. This will allow for different hiding places and help with dogs that tend to grab/retrieve the tins.

This lecture/homework does not have to be done before moving on to the other vehicle homework. It’s OK to keep using the tins for now, especially if your dog does NOT grab or retrieve them. Using a tin on vehicles is a little easier for placement, assuming you have lots of metal on your vehicle, and likely provides a bit more venting and familiarity for your dog.


–    1 Vehicle
–    Straws/tubes
–    Some way to attach the straw (fun tak, duct tape)
–    Pylons or something to make a start line


Using your straw/tube, place hide in some of the following areas and perform a search.

Side of car, nose height:

Straw side


In crease, low on car:

Straw low


In wheel spoke (gray tube):

Straw Wheel spoke


Inside wheel well (black tube – really hard to see):

Straw Wheel well


Place behind the license plate. Tuck a straw/sleeve under the plate so that it’s flush with the side of the license plate. This can cause channeling so this is a more difficult hide placement where they may alert at the other end. Make sure you only reward when they pinpoint the exact side/location.




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