SW 2 – 4-3 Exterior Search Small Area In A Novel, Easy Environment

We will move into more novel environments. In this case, MAKE SURE you keep the environment simple and small with few distractions. Empty storefronts are PERFECT for this.

Put your dog in the car and look for something that looks like fun to search. Remember to consider the search size, complexity and distractions. When you first start, make sure you are giving your dog something much easier than he can do at home.

It can be helpful to bring flags or cones with you to mark the search area, just so that you don’t inadvertently make the search area too big. Remember though, the flags and cones only highlight the actual boundaries which contain the hide, it is not a force field or a wall. Make sure not to let the dog hit the end of the leash or pull them back in, gently call them back into the area.  However, make sure you are not pulling them off odor.  In most organizations, it can be advantageous for you to allow your dog to veer outside of the search area in order to catch scent depending on the air currents. In SDDA titling classes, if you or your dog leave the search area boundaries, it can be an NQ (Judge’s discretion if it appears the dog is working odor that may have drifted out of the search area).

Find and mark an area, if necessary, some search areas will have their own boundaries. Make sure it is suitable for your dog’s skill level.  Put out a hide and let it age for about 20 minutes before running the search.


Published by Jan Shannon

Certified Dog Trainer

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