Scent Work 5-4 Introducing Hides On Chairs

In the venue, Performance Scent Dogs, the Target Odor Test (a test that must be passed before garnering legs for titles) is earned by the dog and handler successfully identifying and calling alert on one hot chair out of 12 chairs.  Essentially, there are 12 chairs and a hide is on one.  The dog and handler team must identify the correct chair by saying “Alert”.

The nice thing about the TOT is that often, teams are allowed to re-do the test if not successful.  The other nice thing is that most dogs seem comfortable with chairs when boxes might seem a little insurmountable or scary.  Sometimes 12 boxes can seem overwhelming!

In order to start working on chairs, set a hide on the edge of one chair with only a few chairs in the search field.

Once your dog masters finding hides on the edges of chairs, you can start to put the hide underneath the chair. You may chose use the same “hot” chair you used in the previous exercise in order to minimize lingering odor.


Work up to as many chairs as you can with the hide placed underneath the chair.

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