Scent Work 4-5 Motivational Games

This week you have started to increase complexity in searches. With this game, we are going to help engage the fun part of the canine brain that enjoys obstacles. Dogs typically love climbing and rooting through things to find what they are looking for.

This game is a spinoff on the television show, American Ninja Warrior. In the show, contestants go through an obstacle course (if they can!) and hit a buzzer at the end.

For our canines, we are going to set up our own Canine Ninja Warrior obstacle course and instead of a buzzer at the end we will have odor! In this case, make sure you leave odor in its location for about twenty minutes. That way your dog will be able to smell that odor is at the end of the obstacles. This is a great game for dogs who like to explore and climb. Ideas for obstacles: clutter on the ground, climbing over or under chairs, going through cardboard tunnels, taking a low jump… use your imagination! In this game, leave the hot box where it but change out the obstacles. Pay HEAVILY at source.

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