Scent Work 4-4 Intro To Aging Odor

Up until this point you have been placing hides for your dogs and immediately searching them.  Now we are going to introduce our dogs to the concept of AGING.  Aging means that we let the hides sit for a little while before searching.

When a hide is aged, the scent molecules have been allowed to diffuse into the air.  Our dogs find the hide by following these scent molecules back to source.  As the hide continues to age, more molecules are released into the air.

diffusion med hr

When we trial, our dogs will be exposed to different ages of hides and thus varying amounts of diffused scent molecules.  So we want to expose to varying lengths of aged hides.

To start this process, we will begin aging our hides rather slowly.


Step 1: Place a hide in an interior area, away from your dog and let it age for 10 minutes before searching.

Step 2: Air out your search area for about an hour and place a new hide (or use a different search area).  Let your hide age 30 minutes before searching.

Step 3: Repeat but this time age your hide 1 hour

Record observations to share in class.

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