Scent Work 4-3 Easy Interiors In A New Space

Now that you’ve introduced interiors, we are going to start searching new places.

We want to first start searching in spaces where the dog is already familiar but has not yet searched.  If you are searching on a harness, remember to put it on in order to give your dog context.

Start with a REALLY easy hide…  make the hide fairly simple to find and rather obvious.

In this video, Kasey sources an easy accessible hide.  The hide is on a coffee table and accessible from all directions.

As you build the dog’s confidence, you can VERY SLOWLY start to make the hides more challenging.  However, you still want to keep the hides accessible to the dog.  Remember that accessible means that the dog can get his nose on the highest concentration of odor!

Here’s Julie doing some easy hides with Drac when he was a small puppy.  This is in a known location but a location where he had not yet searched.

If your dog struggles in a new location, repeat the introduction to interiors steps in the new location, and THEN do interior searches.


Set up a VERY easy hide in a new location already known the dog.

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