Scent Work 3-4 More Hunting Games

Once your dog is successully performing the 4 hunting games in the previous classes/lectures, here are some more challenges while hunting for odor.  You can do all of these games with game boxes (Tupperware), pipes or metal switch boxes.

The More The Merrier! Increase your number of containers up to 6-8 and do simple searches with all the boxes in view with no proofing. Remember to keep using a mix of different kind of containers. ONLY the hot one needs to be be vented at this time.

Outta My way! Add a few simple obstacles in your search area like a chair or a large box that might be in the way of your dog finding source. You can start with 4 containers and move up to 6.

The Loner! Place the Hot container off to the side away from the others. Your dog will gravitate to the masses and then have to use their nose to find the loner off to the side. Watch Asha as she is convinced that the box she selected has to be it even though there isn’t any odor. This is a great example of a false alert and our “conversation” as I show her there isn’t any odor in that box.

This next video was the second time we did this game, look how fast she has learned not to waste time with false alerts and to check everywhere.

Decoy! Place a decoy cold container in center of the room when playing the “Find it” game where the hot container is tucked away off to the side. The obvious box will pull them in and then what will they do?

Assembly Line! This is a good game for a dog that “drives by” the correct hot container when encountering it early. Using 4 to 6 containers spaced 4 feet apart, start with placing the hot box at the end so your dog searches all the boxes and gets to it last. Then move it up by one each time until it’s the first container that your dog searches.

Alternate version Leap Frog: Start with hot box first, then move it down the line. Good for softer dogs that need early reinforcement and still learning the hunt.

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