Scent Work 2-5 Motivation Games

Let’s continue our theme of Motivation using a game inspired by a part of the hunting sequence.  In Nosework we typically use the first part of the hunting sequence…  the initial sourcing of the prey (in this case, it’s odor) which involves the dogs using their noses.  However, the hunting sequence also involves, the Chase, the Catch and the Possess and the Consume.  Not all of these parts are useful to us.  But based on the breed and inclination of the dog, the dog may prefer one of these elements of the sequence over the initial step, the Locate.  And through the process of value transference, we can transfer the VALUE of one of the other steps of the sequence to the first step.

In this Motivation Game we will use the latter half of the Chase step and the Catch step to build drive for odor.

Videos coming soon


Your Role:

Hold your dog… use a little opposition reflex by either holding the harness or the chest of the dog.

When your helper steps away from the box, release your dog and run up behind him to feed at the Game Box.

Your Helper’s Role:

Slowly lower the box with a tin in it, rattling the box and teasing the dog.  Get the dog’s attention.

Once the box has been lowered to the ground, STEP BACK!


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