Puppy Start Right

For puppies up to 18 weeks old.

Puppy Start Right is so much fun and hugely educational! Classes focus on puppy biting, socialization with other dogs and people, calming and handling, attention, basic obedience skills (come, sit, down, stand, stay, heel and walk on leash) and household manners (crate training, house training and chew toy training).

Learn how to:

  • Teach your puppy to focus, introduce recall and how to stay
  • Introduce your puppy to people, objects, places, dogs and new situations so that they thoroughly enjoy the company of all kinds of folks, especially children, men and strangers.
  • Teach your puppy to play Fetch and Tug and to use these games as rewards in training.


Sit, Stand, and Down
Stay, Come, and Follow
Leave it & Take it
Settle Down
Handling & Gentling
Veterinary & Groomer Handling Routines
Pass the Puppy


2 books: Puppy Start Right and Puppy Fitness

Registration Fee: $185 for 4 Weeks

Vaccine: First two rounds of DHLPP or DHPP. The second round must have been administered after 8 weeks of age, but at least 7 days prior to the first session of class.

Age: Up to 18 weeks of age at the start date of class.

Length: This is an open enrollment class, you may start at any time and your registration is good for four consecutive weekly sessions, unless a break is mentioned. Each session is 1 hour long and will meet on the same day and time each week. No make-up classes are available for this course.

Contact Me to enroll

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